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2020-2021 IACS Information

2020-2021 IACS Athletic Participation Form
2020-2021 IACS Calendar (Updated 1/21/21)
2020-2021 IACS Membership Form
2021 IACS Entry Submission Guidelines for Virtual Fine Arts Tournaments
2021 IACS Fine Arts Tournaments Calendar (Updated 1/21/21)
2021 IACS Fine Arts Tournaments Guide (Updated 11/18/2020)
IACS Constitution

2021 IL & IN Teachers' Convention (Schaumburg, IL) - Information Coming Soon!

2021-2022 IACS Information

2021-2022 IACS Calendar (Updated 9/30/2020)

AACS Creative Writing Contest (4th-8th Grades)

2020-2021 AACS Creative Writing (4th-8th Grades) - STATE Results
2020-2021 AACS Creative Writing Contest Judging Forms
2020-2021 AACS Creative Writing Contest Rules

AACS Information

2020 Significant Changes to New Competition Manual
2020-2021 AACS School Information Report
2021 Competition Annual Update (Updated 1/13/21)
Order Form - 2020 Edition AACS National Competition Manual

AACS Youth Legislative Training Conference

Achievement Testing

2020-2021 Online Testing Information
2020-2021 Test Materials Order Form
2020-2021 Test Materials Order Form Instructions
2020-2021 Test Purchaser Qualification Form
Introduction to Iowa Assessments
Iowa Assessments FAQ

Fine Arts Tournament - Elementary

2021 Elementary Category Codes
2021 Elementary Drop/Add Form
2021 Elementary Group Registration Form
2021 Elementary Individual Registration Form
2021 Elementary Music ID Tags
2021 Elementary Quick Reference Guide
2021 Elementary School Registration Form
2021 Elementary Speech ID Tags

Fine Arts Tournament - Junior High

2021 JH Category Codes
2021 JH Drop/Add Form
2021 JH Group Registration Form
2021 JH Individual Registration Form
2021 JH Music ID Tags
2021 JH Quick Reference Guide
2021 JH School Registration Form
2021 JH Speech ID Tags

Fine Arts Tournament - Senior High

2020 SH Essay & Poetry Registration Form
2021 SH Academic Testing - Details by Subject Area
2021 SH Category Codes
2021 SH Drop/Add Form
2021 SH Group Registration Form
2021 SH Individual Registration Form
2021 SH Music ID Tags
2021 SH Quick Reference Guide
2021 SH School Registration Form
2021 SH Speech ID Tags

School Safety Information

Lockdown Procedures
Main Document - Emergency Crisis Plan

TestPoint Online Academic Testing

2021 IACS Academic Testing Categories

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